Sun Blessed Pty Ltd is only as strong as the health and wellbeing of communities in which we operate so it is imperative that the Company play a role in health education and wellbeing initiatives wherever possible.

Our company supports its communities in a number of ways. As a leading brand of sports sunscreen products, we feel we have an obligation to contribute to educating communities on the prevention of skin cancers. Sun Blessed will partner with government agencies and private institutions to achieve the highest level of education and prevention. 

Our company believes that sport plays a critical role in the wellbeing of communities through the socialisation offered by sporting clubs where communities are brought together. The existence of grass roots sporting clubs is critical for the wellbeing of our communities and this is underpinned by the importance of developing junior sport within these clubs. Sun Blessed Pty Ltd is committed to supporting grass roots sporting clubs and the development of junior sport through sponsorships and partnerships.