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About Us

CEO & Founder Mike Sharp


A keen golfer, Mike saw a gap in the market for a sunscreen that catered to golfers that gave you excellent protection but didn't leave you with slippery hands. This observation led to a collaboration with a Western Australian manufacturer to create a product to fill this void, and 1st Tee Golfers Sunscreen was born.

Mike then explored other sports where participants suffered from the same issue of slippery hands. It wasn't long before 1st Wicket, 1st Cast, and 1st Stride joined our Sun Blessed Sunscreens family.

Our products have been designed not to leave residue on your hands, thus making grip-slip a thing of the past. So now your efforts and countless hours of practice are no longer being thwarted by your slippery hands. We're also happy to report that our products aren't staining your favourite sporting gear either.

Your sporting experience just got much more enjoyable!

Mike is also passionate about supporting grassroots sporting clubs & their development of junior sports. As such, part of the Sun Blessed Sunscreens' mission is to offer clubs a way of raising much-needed funds by selling Sun Blessed Sunscreen products to their supporters or partnering with us in a fundraising initiative.