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Sunscreen for Sports

Millions of people in Australia take part in the sports they love throughout the year, and undoubtedly the physical, social and mental rewards are endless. However, we must make sure that we're not leaving our skin unprotected under the harsh Australian sun as the consequences can be dire.

At Sun Blessed we’ve formulated our sunscreens specifically for individual sports activities. Our SPF50 broad-spectrum sunscreen offers you the best sun protection for your skin while you enjoy your favourite sport.

Our best sunscreen products for sports include:

1st Tee Golfers Sunscreen

Wave goodbye to greasy hands and grip slip on every shot with our non-greasy golfers sunscreen.

1st Serve Tennis Sunscreen 

Peace of mind your racquet won’t slip in your hands when returning your opponent’s shots when using our formulated for tennis sunscreen.

1st Wicket Cricket Sunscreen

Our easy to apply sunscreen ensures total coverage for your skin when fielding, bowling or batting during those long hours playing cricket.

1st Stride Runner Sunscreen

Enjoy your runs without the worry of the Australia sun damaging your skin when you use our formulated for running sunscreen

1st Cast Fishing Sunscreen

Your time fishing is that little bit more pleasurable when your rod does not slip from your hands, and the fish take your bait after using our non-greasy, no-smelling sunscreen.

1st End Lawn Bowls Sunscreen

Be the smart one on the green and protect your skin from the harsh Australia sun, and at the same time ensure your bowl won’t slip from your hands with our non-greasy sunscreen.

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