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1<span>st</span>Cast Fishing Sunscreen - Bulk
1<span>st</span>Cast Fishing Sunscreen - Bulk

1stCast Fishing Sunscreen - Bulk

Specifically set up for clubs and fishing industry businesses, use 1st Cast Fishing  Sunscreen-Bulk, to receive your  club and business discount price.  

People who fish spend more time exposed to the sun than any other recreational sport.

Give your members and customers the best possible protection from the sun’s harmful rays. 

1stCast Fishing Sunscreen offers:
  • Broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection
  • Octinoxate and Oxybenzone free
  • Keeps up to 3 years in your bag
  • No strong odour
  • No slippery hands
  • Fast absorbing formula limits residue
  • Sunscreen made in Australia, for Australian conditions
  • All 1st Stride Sunscreen products are tested to the Australia/New Zealand standard 2604-2012

Each box of 1stCast Fishing Sunscreen contains 12 x 100mL tubes.

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